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Business Loans From First Data

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It's time to change how you think about business financing. First Data has listened to what small businesses want in a loan and has delivered innovative solutions that put your business‘ needs first. lt‘s a loan... only better!

1.       Applications are evaluated in hours rather than weeks.

2.       Approval decisions are based primarily on the history and perfomiance of the business, not the personal credit of the owner.

3.        Qualified businesses are given options regarding repayment methods and terms.

As you would expect, your First Data business loan has a pre-determined maturity date and set monthly repayment amounts. How monthly obligations are handled is one more way First Data is different - a difference that can be summed up in one word: Options.


Choose the Payment Plan That Works Best

Processor Powered Payment Plan

Many businesses don‘t want to be locked into a large, monthly lump-sum payment amount that might strain cash flow. The Processor-Powered Payment Plan’s daily payment amount ebbs and flows with your card sales‘. Instead of making one, big, monthly payment, smaller payments are automatically made through your processor every time you download your card sales.

Weekday Fixed Payment Plan

Other businesses prefer to make small, regular, fixed, daily payments. with this Fixed Payment Plan, a fixed dollar amount is automatically withdrawn from your bank account every weekday until the loan is repaid. You know exactly how much you will pay and don‘t have to remember to write one big check at the end of the month.

Either way, we look for a reason to say "Yes" to your request, approving small businesses that "old logic" lenders usually decline.

First Data Knows Smail Businesses Need Some Flexibility

Even the best run businesses occasionally experience slower sales periods when cash gets tight. Part of the “new logic” is knowing how small businesses function. So, what happens if the amount you send to First Data fails short of the total monthly payment due in a given month? First Data offers options there, too.

Example." First Data receives at least 80% of the scheduled‘payments you can either take no action - or you can make a “Catch-Up" Payment for any shortfall. In either case, First Data continues receiving the processor payments or deducting the weekday payment amount from your bank account until the loan is paid in full”

To get started, complete this contact form

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or call us toll-free, 855-365-3473.